Pareidolia – Paintings by Peter Geekie

Peter Geekie

20/04/24 - 20/05/24 Opening: Preview 5:30-8:30pm Friday 19th April 2024

Hangar Gallery has been delighted to host two previous solo exhibitions of Peter’s paintings. We are privileged to host this, his third and final exhibition.

Peter’s style as a magic realist painter is rooted in folk art and surrealism. The exhibition title, Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a (usually) visual image where there isn’t one. Think ink blot interpretations and seeing faces in clouds. His works consist of mixed media materials and oils on recycled supports. Works are often repainted years after they were initially produced. The artist asks us to wonder if an artwork can ever be finished. Images overlay images, new ideas add to past tense. Geekie’s paintings are an expressive, artistic delve into conscious/subconscious. His painterly technique results in intimate dreamscapes, rich colourful layers, chance, mysterious messages, wit and humour.